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time to move off the grid… Tagged: off the grid  goverment shutdown  disconnect  cool design  adios   Notes: 4
Edie Sedgwick + Andy Warhol Tagged: Edie Sedgwick  andy warhol  underground  popart  coolkids   Notes: 51
goodbye forever … Tagged: goodbye  adios  alldone  no more posts   Notes: 5
Tagged: camera  coolness   Notes: 468
 Shannyn Sossamon Tagged: shannyn sossamon  No Bra  sexy  desire   Notes: 17

untitled by Corrin Nicole; on Flickr.
Tagged: No Bra  white  camera  sexy  morning   Notes: 5
sometimes a girl’s gotta throw on a dress and heels - Liz Arch Tagged: liz arch  yoga  bendyyogis  bendygirls  beauty  stylish   Notes: 11
milo is watching you … Tagged: decendents  all  punk  music  legends  milo   Notes: 7
beauty + mythical creature Tagged: unicorn  nude  beauty  Black&White  sexual   Notes: 18
adventure mobile  Tagged: wagon  classic  ford  surf mobile  open road   Notes: 19
its going to get weird …  Tagged: art  neighbors  curiosity  
female athletes Tagged: skateboard girl  women  athletes  strong   Notes: 1
sexy time with my phone … Tagged: sex  panties  iphone  smartphone  intercourse  orgasam   Notes: 7
Faye Dunaway …. Eyes of Laura Mars Tagged: faye dunaway  movie  eyes of laura mars  beauty  camera  nikon   Notes: 6